Freedom Leaf Health

We are a diversified, global leader in plant-based care providing premium hemp CBD health products across professional, consumer and pet markets and establishing Clean Health as a new standard in Plant-Based Care.

Who We Are

We serve patients, doctors, nurses, caregivers, mothers, fathers and all others seeking better health and health in better ways.

We seek to create happier, healthier people from plant-based care that naturally restores and strengthens the body’s functions.

Our mission is to produce the most effective clean health products to alleviate pain and suffering and strengthen biological functioning with a focus on addressing the most prevalent health challenges.

Our promise is to put Your Health First. We are a clean healthcare company providing premium hemp CBD products that do no harm and effectively advance health outcomes.

Your Access To Care

For over 30 years we fought for your right to access plant-based care and earned the trust of millions. Using decades of knowledge and relationships, we pioneered hemp CBD health products based on advanced botanical and life sciences and rigorous product testing.

We continue to maintain and set the highest standards in agriculture, extraction and processing to deliver unsurpassed product quality that consumers and practitioners can trust.

Our Core Values

  • Your Health Comes First
    • In all things we do, the first thought that comes to our mind is your health. Each and every Freedom Leaf Health product is created to meet the health needs of our customers.
  • Highest Quality Standards
    • With cultivation, farming extraction, processing, packaging, dosing guidelines and lab testing, we aim to be industry leaders in all standards of quality, care, and safety.
  • Unsurpassed Product Efficacy
    • Our product performance is equal or superior to equivalent products on the market; you won’t find better hemp CBD health products anywhere else.
  • Always Premium Plants
    • We work with a select group of best-in-class U.S. farmers to ensure that our premium organic hemp is sustainably sourced, non-GMO and chemical-free.
  • Innovation in Botanical Formulations
    • Our products are proprietary botanical blends that represent the leading edge in hemp CBD science and care

Meet Our Leadership

As a thought leader in plant-based care, we believe it is our responsibility to educate consumers and health practitioners, advance research and knowledge and to accelerate the cultural shift to clean health.

Chief Executive Officer

Chief Science Officer

Chief Financial Officer

Chairman of the Board

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FRLF is a diverse enterprise of branded business lines dedicated to meeting the needs of people who face health challenges and those who are healthy. Freedom Leaf Leafceuticals is the company’s most advanced product line for health care practitioners, caregivers and patients. IrieCBD and Hempology are the company’s flagship lines of premium full spectrum Hemp CBD products rich in CBD, terpenes and flavonoids integrated with potent health botanicals. The company is launching a THC-free line of Hemp CBD health products under the NatureBorn brand, and developing performance CBD beverage and CBD beauty product lines.

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