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About IrieCBD

IrieCBD is our flagship brand of consumer health products and the emerging plant-based care brand of choice where it competes. IrieCBD offers a diverse line of premium hemp CBD health products in liquid, capsule, and cream forms to maintain healthy levels of inflammation, promote a healthy immune system, support mood and stress management, sustain healthy joints, nurture restful sleep, relieve menstrual discomfort, boost energy, and act as a daily wellness supplement.

IrieCBD offers over 10 unique products and comes in liquid tincture, topical cream and capsules. Available in high-end retail health and wellness stories, supermarkets, pharmacies and specialty stores nationwide and online, IrieCBD products have received numerous accolades from professional product evaluators and leading industry publications. As with any health product, please discuss using IrieCBD with a healthcare practitioner.

A Full Spectrum of Benefits.

IrieCBD’s product line features a unique series of tinctures combining the best in plant-based care, cutting edge science of human health, and the Endocannainoid System. Always made from organically grown, whole plant extract, all IrieCBD products provide the highest possible benefit from the Entourage Effect, delivering targeted effects on the body’s natural systems. Sustainably sourced, ethically manufactured and always tested by third party USA labs for purity, potency and cannabinoid content, IrieCBD leads in industry standards of safety and quality.

Daily Wellness

Find Your Glow

We focus where people need the most help to alleviate pain and stay healthy. In a toxic world, our clean health topical products are designed to strengthen bodies by reducing inflammation, restoring skin balance and rejuvenating healthy functions.

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