Our Business Model

Today’s consumer is motivated by a sense of shared identity with brands that transcend their product offerings and embody a unique experience, especially in expanding and crowded markets. For cannabis and hemp CPG brands, strong brand identity is the key to sustainable growth and vital for maintaining a competitive edge.

GL Brands’ growth model leverages deep industry experience, mature supply chains and creative disruption to build enduring and resilient hemp CPG brands that connect to meaning in people’s lives and drive sales through authentic relationships.

We prioritize organic engagement and brand loyalty over short-term product trends. At the same time, we are a company rooted in the fundamentals of quality and safety, maintaining our brands’ leading position in quality to create a complete package ready for future growth.

Authentic People Make Authentic Brands: GL Brands vigorously maintains a corporate culture of self-directed employees with a sincere belief in the power of cannabis, and the passion to advocate and educate.

Aim Global, Move First: Through its flagship brand Green Lotus™, GL Brands has captured a global first-mover advantage as the first company to export products to Mexico.

Bold Vision, Stable Growth:GL Brands manages risk through US-based futures contracts, locking in prices with trusted cultivators while maintaining direct control over biomass. Farm-to-bottle, only smarter.

We create brands for the future. Let’s get started.

Our Health & Wellness Portfolio

GL Brands (OTCQB: GRLB) strives to become a global leader in cannabis, with a family of brands providing premium hemp-derived health products to promote greater balance, wellness and longevity.

Filings & Dislclosure

GL Brands Inc. is a fully audited, fully reporting publicly traded company. Founded by believers of good governance and designed to be a model example of the hemp industry, GL Brands Inc. has always maintained a strong accounting and reporting staff to ensure our audits and disclosures are fully in line with SEC rules and regulations. Investing with Gl Brands Inc. is an investment you can trust.

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